Hate Mike Love

Mike Love is in the news again, reminding us all he’s an asshole. This isn’t new. Lots of people hate Mike Love. This Rolling Stone profile covers some of it. Oh and he’s also buddies with Trump.

Anybody who knows me knows I love to clown on him because he’s ridiculous. I made this nightmare fuel images of him for a mixtape I made years ago of only songs Mike Love sings lead on. I like to make conceptual mixes that might not be fun to listen to but do make a point. It was celebrating a trip I made to the Kern County Fair to see the zombie Beach Boys and yell “Where’s Brian?” and “Carl’s the best!” while they played the hits wearing my “Hate Mike Love” shirt. That’s what summer’s all about. Fairs, fun, and hating Mike Love.

Here I am at the 2015 Kern County Fair with a Tiger Blood snow cone, ready to see the Beach Boys

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